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July 16, 2021

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On this episode you will

* The mysterious origins of the coconut tree.
* How coconut oil is actually made.
* Which health damaging practices some conventional coconut oil makers use during processing.
* Why dietary fat has a terrible marketing name.
* What clinical studies say about coconut oil and weight gain.
* How uncoupling protein influences fat burning.
* How coconut oil affects waist circumference.
* The impact that coconut oil has on cholesterol levels (you need to know this!).
* What potential problem you might run into eating coconut oil (if you really try).
* The 20 ways to use coconut oil for wellness.
* How to add coconut oil to your diet with several delicious methods.
* The best way to remove makeup (and even tar!).
* Whether or not coconut oil is ideal for facial skin.
* The surprising way that coconut oil impacts dental health.
* Crucial things to consider when buying personal lubricants.
* Dangerous chemicals that are found in typical toothpastes.
* Important tips for sunburn protection.
* How coconut oil can be used as an effective antibacterial.

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