Live Forum The Digital Marketing Trends in 2020 What is the Future of Marketing

August 6, 2020

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The digitisation of businesses is happening globally. From big conglomerates to small and medium enterprises, all of them are going digital.

But what is the future of marketing when digitisation happened? Catch us live Sunday at 11:00am as Marketing experts from Telekom Malaysia and Hong Leong Bank shares their insights on the topic!

From the Creating AI Conversations Panel Sunny Xun Liu, Associate Director of Social Media Lab at Stanford; Wally Brill, Sr. Persona Designer for Adecco at Google; Mariana Lin, AI Writer and Personality Designer; Leif Haven Martinson, Writer, award-winning poet, and Lead Designer at Botanic Technologies; Anna Pickard, Creative Director of Voice and Tone at Slack and Elizabeth Arredondo is a mediaX Visiting Scholar and moderator of the panel series discuss the importance of creating, designing and implementing voice in AI.

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