Make your own Mystic Messenger theme/desktop step by step

May 16, 2019

>> Mystic Messenger Hack <<

If you want to make the mm theme in your ANDROID cellphone, here’s the following materials and

1. An ANDRIOD cellphone (Mine is ASUS Zenfone 5)

2. Install ADWlauncher (

3. Download the following

(1) A MM Desktop (e.g. )

(2) A transparent png (e.g. )

1. Set ADWlauncher as your main launcher.

2. Open a blank page.

3. ADWlauncher setting*:

(1) Desktop 10 / Desktop 10

(2) Show labels (DO NOT active)

(3) Folder Disable / Show labels (DO NOT active)

(4) App Disable

(5) Advanced Hide Status bar

4. Set your desktop as the MM desktop (as the link above)

5. Arrange your apps positions (If your want to make a file, you can put apps together)**

6. Double click the app/file and choose EDIT, then change your icon as the transparent png file

7. Resize screens to maxiam.

8. ENJOY!!!

*Setting might different, so feel free to ask me any question!

**In my theme, each character has specific apps based on their personalities and interests XD For example, Yoosung→games; Jaehee→calendar, etc.

>> Mystic Messenger Hack <<