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March 23, 2021

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0:03:00 – IDHS Updates
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0:27:17 – Defining our Decade Updates
0:33:37 – Kivvit Toolkit 2.0 Discussion

Today we’ve got a simple and easy Ochazuke recipe from one of our favorite Miyazaki Films “Princess Mononoke”.

1 salted salmon (or ½ fillet of salmon and pinch of salt)
1 cup cooked Japanese short-grain rice
1 tsp Japanese rice crackers (Bubu Arare)
1 tsp shredded nori seaweed
¼ tsp toasted white sesame seeds
⅛ scallion, cut into small pieces)
Wasabi (optional, for taste)
Pickled plum, umeboshi
Salmon roe (Ikura)
Hot Green Tea

1. Bake the salted salmon fillet (shiojake) at 400F degree for 25 minutes. If you’re using regular salmon, season the salmon with salt and set aside for 10 minutes before baking. When it’s cooked, remove the skin and bones and break up the salmon flesh into flakes. Set aside.
2. If you don’t have Bubu Arare, crush rice crackers into small pieces (you can also use a bag to crush it).
3. Ochazuke with Green Tea (You can substitute with Dashi for a more savory dish): Boil water and prepare Green Tea in a kettle.
4. Now serve the cooked rice in the serving bowl. Place the shredded salmon and sprinkle the rice cracker, nori, all additional sides and finally sesame seeds on top.
5. Pour the Green Tea until it covers half of the rice and Enjoy!

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