Monday April 20 Weekly Census Check In

November 25, 2020

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0:03:00 – IDHS Updates
0:11:05 – Measuring Progress and Developing Strategic Action Plans
0:25:14 – Virtual Convening
0:27:17 – Defining our Decade Updates
0:33:37 – Kivvit Toolkit 2.0 Discussion

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Pamela Wilson celebrates 20 years of being on the road worldwide sharing Truth, Clarity, Love and the Joy of Being. Her new book The Golden Retriever’s Guide to Joy is a distillation of everything she has noticed within, reading the Book of Life, within Stillness. She delights in getting to the Heart of the Matter, literally, finding the intelligent presence within all form and function. And then showing it its true nature.So, that emotion, sensation, the body and the mind can also return and stabilize as balanced rooted spaciousness. Join the fun, Life is simple within its complexity!

Interview recorded 4/11/2020

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