Mystery Chronicle I Won’t Look Back Until I Win Teaser Trailer PS4 PS Vita Japan

May 18, 2020

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Spike Chunsoft has released the debut trailer for “Mystery I Won’t Look Back Until I win”

The roguelike RPG features turn-based movement and randomly generated worlds, and forcibly scrolls from the left of the screen as the world is slowly swallowed by a mysterious light that ends the game if it touches the hero.

* Story :
Somewhere, there was a world without a name. Kings of nations continued to battle every day to make this world their own. Among them, the nation of King Conras was invincible, and continued to rule this world. Even so, a great incident threatened the once invincible kingdom. And suddenly, the Messenger of Calamity landed in this world.

The Messenger of Calamity came with a Light of Despair, which very quickly began spreading throughout the world, swallowing up living things one after the other. And now, the Light of Despair… it is approaching the castle where the king and a certain child are.

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* * * Mystery I Won’t Look Back Until I Win Gameplay for PS4 PS Vita


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