Mystic Messenger Hack 2019.2.19 | How To Get Hourglass And Hearts No root required

May 23, 2020

>> Mystic Messenger Hack <<

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Updates, delays, memes, and Kingdom Hearts 3 is cursed.
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This podcast was recorded on February 18th, 2018

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Youtube’s update (0:55)

Twitch new community guidelines/rules (15:09)

Delayed games (29:14)

Kingdom Hearts 3 (34:06)

Streaming on Facebook? (40:34)

Netflix’s Full Metal Alchemist (47:39)

Duke Nukem movie (49:39)

Ant Man and the Wasp trailer (51:57)

Mister Rogers movie (52:53)

New Star Wars films? (54:38)

Elon Musk (58:02)

Tomb raider Barbie Doll (1:02:10)

Kpop “fans” vs Toronto Radio Station (1:03:41)

Gavin Free and Meg Turney incident (1:15:30)

Kickstarters (1:25:32)
Questions (1:46:13)

Carter Kee

Terrell’s Twiiter

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>> Mystic Messenger Hack <<