Mystic Messenger How to get unlimited hourglass and VIP PROOF

May 1, 2021

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Mystic How to get unlimited hourglass and VIP PROOF
Not posting on youtube because cheritz keeps taking down my vids 🙁

Also SMASH that like button like you SMASHED your crush ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

sorry about the cropping! getting it from my phone to my pc was a struggle
there’s lots of methods to farm hourglasses, this is just the one i use

(I DID NOT COME UP WITH THIS…i just don’t remember where i got it from lol;;)

CHAT (maybe you could pick any..but usually it’s better to side with zen as he generally gives more hourglasses ^^)

1. hi zen! it’s a beautiful night!
2. today’s your birthday!
3. maybe they’re preparing some april fool’s prank for your birthday?
4. happy birthday zen!
5. i want to wish you a happy birthday seriously
6. i want to be the first one to call you this year!
7. hello, seven~
8. what’s p roulette?
9. what is the gift?
10. 1 ton of cardboard? what would you use that for…
11. there are that many different types of cardboard?
12. don’t tell me that cardboard set is his real gift?
13. you just want to mess with zen
14. think about what it’s like on the receiving end, seven…
15. there’s something better for birthday gifts…like a cake…
16. i like origami paper better. don’t really like cardboards lol
17. i feel the company is compensating you with something…
18. seven, i can see your hand holding up the paper boat
19. yeah lol the photo looks a little strange…
20. i don’t see it
21. i don’t need them
22. heart of cardboards…
23. omg…you didn’t really do it, did you?
24. nah~ i’m sure it’s something else, haha
25. if you are, please send it in a recycle bag
26. 0%
27. i think it will be a huge fire hazard
28. seven’s not running away, is he?
29. what was it like last year?
30. zen, look forward to what’s to come today! ^^

omg this is a long chat…thank the universe for max speed!

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