Mystic Messenger ITA part.11

September 25, 2021

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Ciao! benvenuti sul canale ^^

siamo un gruppo di ragazzi che si occupa di traduzione
di Videogame/otome-game in italiano per la Community.

Abbiamo fondato questa piccola “realtà” per aiutare tutti
i videogiocatori che si trovano in difficoltà con la lingua straniera
o più semplicemente, per realizzare il “sogno” di tanti fans nel vedere
la loro “serie” preferita totalmente tradotta in italiano, completa
Walkthrough “step by step”

non siamo professionisti, però facciamo del nostro meglio! ^^

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ogni contenuto presente in questo video appartiene
ai rispettivi

Mystic Messenger – CHERITZ Co.

download game “app Store”

– Cheritz Co.



FinalFantasy 8 OST Music
SQUARE ENIX & Nobuo Uematsu

– FF8 – Timber Owl
– FF8 – Dance With Balamb Fish

Cd. Records – iTunes

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Many Aleph (myself)


See Ya Next Time! XD

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Hi everyone! In today’s video, I am doing a deep dive into the world of AMONG US! My students have been loving this game, and I love incorporating my students’ interests into my classroom. I’ll be explaining an overview of the game, ways to engage your students using Among Us, a few warning signs to look out for, and lastly, a gameplay of my first time playing!

I’m planning on making these types of videos into a series, so if your students are into a certain video game, drop it in the comments below and I’ll make sure to include it in my next video of this series. My goal for this series is to provide teachers with tips and resources so they can incorporate video games into their classroom without having to play it themselves! 🙂
Among Us Math Review (explained in video)
– I made this in Google Slides, so it will be easier if you are signed into a Google account.

Among Us Pixel Art Activity! (I didn’t explain this in the video, but just finished making it so I thought I’d add it here.)
-Division (2 digit divisors)

Mix of one digit multiplication and division

Common Sense Digital Citizenship Lessons

If it’s your first time on my channel, welcome! My name is Angella, and I am a 3rd year teacher in Southern California! I love filming my teaching journey, and I can’t wait to share my year with you!

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