Mystic Messenger~* Saeran/Ray Working/Talking/Sleeping ASMR

May 11, 2021

>> Mystic Messenger Hack <<

Another one for the collection! This was a request by from viewer on another video, I hope you enjoy. I will confess, despite having played MysMe since 2021, I have never actually bought and played Another Story. I did as much research as I could online before making this, but I have no first-hand experience with Saeran/Ray’s Route!

In that vein, I tried to make this as accessible as possible both for people who have and have not played his storyline. You’re sleeping in Rika’s apartment with the window open, when suddenly you have a dream that someone is opening the front door. At least…you’re pretty sure it’s a dream? Who is this mysterious intruder, and what does he want? I suppose you’ll have to find our yourself. Featuring rain sounds, city ambience, typing/working sounds, singing, talking, and more! Timestamps for events within the video are below, as well as credits for all of the sounds used. Enjoy~

0:31 – MC is sleeping in Rika’s apartment, when suddenly they hear the electronic lock slide open. They have their back turned to the door, but they hear Saeran enter, walk over to look at them, chuckle, then walk over to sit at the nearby table. After a moment, you hear him start to type on a laptop he must have brought himself.
13:40 – Saeran notices MC becoming restless, and stops typing to get up and sit behind them on the bed. He lulls MC back into semi-consciousness with his soft voice, and an even softer lullaby, trying to convince them that this is all just a dream.
16:22 – Saeran stands back up, satisfied that MC will soon fall back asleep. He walks over to the table and resumes his hacking.
44:36 – Saeran exits the hacking program with a few mouse clicks, then stands up and softly exits the apartment, leaving MC to their slumber.

lock clicking/opening
Saeran sitting on the

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