Mystic Messenger V Route Walkthrough Day 2 Congrats

October 22, 2021

>> Mystic Messenger Hack <<

Hi! This is your special snowflake, JumiN. He will be playing the otome game Mystic Messenger, V route in HD on the Samsung Galaxy S8+.

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Lonesome Practicalism (Jaehee Kang’s Theme) [Mystic Messenger]

■ Flaming Heart
■ Crescen♪o

I arranged this a month ago but as you can probably see I had some… technical difficulties… RIP my webcam. RIP my hands! It’s freezing here. You can probably see that too.
Mystic Messenger’s music is nice but nothing beats Zen’s and Jaehee’s themes! So I played the latter. I wanted to try something new so here’s an attempt. Did it for the bae. ♥Jaehee♥

Ho finito l’arrangiamento un mese fa ma probabilmente noterete qualche… problema tecnico… RIP webcam. RIP mani! Qui si muore dal freddo. Probabilmente si nota anche quello.
La musica di Mystic Messenger è carina ma nulla batte il tema di Zen e quello di Jaehee! Quindi ho suonato il secondo. Volevo provare qualcosa di nuovo quindi ecco un tentativo. L’ho fatto per la bae. ♥Jaehee♥

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>> Mystic Messenger Hack <<