September 20, 2020

>> Mystic Messenger Hack <<

Mystic Messenger (수상한메신저) Webtoon Series drops TODAY!

English versions of the Webtoon are available right now- ☆
if you head on social media (twitter etc) you can find some links and screenshots to already translated versions.
I will not put any links here because I do not want for anybody to get fined or for the posts to be pulled down without you guys having a chance to read them!


– iMovie {editing software}
-QuickTime Player {screen-recorder}

Update 7/2020: Note that this was filmed in 2020, Vorgrace has updated, changed, and added to their products. But if you have any questions feel free to ask and I can try to help since I am still ordering from them.

Unboxing video of my first order from Vorgrace! This is now about a year old and I have since ordered from them several more times (in fact I made an order just a few minutes before writing this!) Altogether I would recommend this company, they are very prompt with replies and manufacturing and so far all of the products I’ve made with them have turned out well!
In this video I talk about some of the charms being on the dark side, specifically in the case of the Pirate Voltron charms. This is more-so and issue on my end as the artwork is itself is quite dark.
I also mention Jumin being a bit green tinted. This is VERY VERY slight and would really only be noticed if you are staring at the black of his suit and looking for it.
If you are planning to make an order with them and are very concerned with the color accuracy I recommend checking everything in CMYLK mode (artwork must be sent in this mode anyway) and/or looking into getting a sample made with them.
I hope this was helpful and good luck with your orders~


**This video is meant for educational purposes**
Mystic Messenger and its characters are owned by Cheritz
Voltron and its characters are owned by Dreamworks


?Opia – Shadow Dances (OLSO Remix)



>> Mystic Messenger Hack <<