Mystic Messenger Zen’s Route Day 8

July 9, 2019

>> Mystic Messenger Hack <<

I am back!

1. (early on in video- during 707’s scene) there is a loud “error” sound made in the game (that was part of the game)
2. (during a chat conversation with Yoosung) the volume turns up

Sorry, this video may not be the best quality video, especially in terms of audio. I had recorded this so many times. There were like 2 times that the video footage was corrupted, or bad. The first being because my mom called me in the middle of the recording (LOL), the second being I had to space left to store the footage. Anyways, lookout for sudden increases in volume.

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I do not own anything in the video, besides my own character, and the effort, and recording itself. Cheritz owns Mystic Messenger.

You can got hg by this way, but the terms is you must got 3 stars when exchanging email with a guest, or in another word you must got a “Complete” word in green/mint color after exchanging email with a guest and make sure that guest attend the party. I hope this info can be useful^^

All credits belong to Cheritz

>> Mystic Messenger Hack <<