NEW ☆ Mystic Messenger Part 1 ☆

January 19, 2021

>> Mystic Messenger Hack <<

Original Ahhhhh! It’s here for iOS finally! So happy, enjoy episode one of Mystic Messenger~ Suddenly, after downloading a cool app on the appstore called Mystic Messenger, you’re sucked into a chat room with cute boys from an agency called the RFA. Various mysteries arrive regarding the charity group, and why you’ve been directed to Rika’s apartment. *Who’s your fave character so far? I like them all! Maybe 707 or Yoosung ♫ These take soooo long to edit, so I’m sorry if I’m slower getting more out!*

Cheritz took down the remainder of this let’s play. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Hey!! Did you know, I made my very own Otome Game? It’s OUT NOW on both Android and Apple devices 💖

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