Open Space 58 First Pictures From the New Telescope And More…

March 21, 2021

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Thanks to our good friends at Oceanside Photo and Telescope, our livestreaming telescope is back online. I featured a couple of quick pics I took with the telescope during a test stream on Twitch Sunday night.

I also answered questions about our trip to the AAS in Hawaii, if it’s possible to make a more powerful telescope out of smaller telescopes, and why the ISS doesn’t have an artificial magnetosphere.

02:20 New pictures from the telescope
04:30 American Astronomical Society meeting in Hawaii
07:45 Can we make a big telescope out of smaller telescopes?
11:59 Why don’t we make a magnetic field around ISS?
14:10 Why hasn’t TESS found many planets?
17:20 Has my opinion on the Fermi Paradox changed?
20:10 How do Type 1a supernovae form?
22:18 Can New Horizons flyby more objects?
23:50 How can we detect life if we’re seeing the past?
26:19 Any plans for next generation of Hubble?
29:08 Any cool new images at AAS?
31:05 What about Origins?
31:44 Did I read many posters?
35:59 Are we the first civilization?
37:44 Next decadal survey?
39:00 How can evidence of civilization disappear?
41:35 Does the Solar System have too many planets?
43:55 Should humanity spread life into the Universe?
45:38 Interesting conversations at AAS?
49:07 Why focus on Mars?
51:20 Shouldn’t we focus on asteroid defense?
53:04 Does Starlink increase the odds of a Kessler Syndrome?

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