Philly ETE 2017 #38 Build a Better Monster Morality Machine Learning and Mass… M. Ceglowski

June 30, 2020

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Maciej “Build a Better Morality, Machine Learning and Mass Surveillance”

The tech industry is in the middle of a massive, uncontrolled social experiment. Having made commercial mass surveillance the economic foundation of our industry, we are now learning how indiscriminate collections of personal data, and the machine learning algorithms they fuel, can be put to effective political use. Unfortunately, these experiments are being run in production. Our centralized technologies could help authoritarians more than they help democracy, and the very power of the tools weโ€™ve built for persuasion makes it difficult for us to undo the damage done. What can concerned people in the tech industry do to seize a dwindling window of opportunity, and create a less monstrous online world?

I’ll be showing you how to use Lucky Patch in 2019 as an update I did do a video about this topic a while back but slot of people been saying it didn’t work so I’m making another video

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