Reprise / Life With Masks Mystic Messenger sheets & piano

April 20, 2020

>> Mystic Messenger Hack <<

수상한메신저 Susanghan Messenger 불꽃심장
Also known as Life With Masks 🙂 It was previously named Reprise.
No obvious spoilers/spoiler names, please.

From a mobile realtime dating sim app that mysteriously links you to a chatroom of 5 friends that gathered together to host charity parties. Flaming Heart’s OSTs here are unfortunately limited (considering that, if you play the game realtime, you’ll be sitting with them for a few months), but it has some nice jazz tracks. Some of them have “sad” versions of themselves. This one’s also known as the “sad” version of 707’s theme, and is also my favourite (Some notes were a little unclear in the source I used, especially for left hand 5ths/8ves, so I’d say I’m…90% sure this is accurate).

***Minor updates (Aug 21 2017):
a) Fixed sheets a little, notes aren’t changed it just looks less terrible
b) Jaehee’s music box theme transcribed (I won’t be doing any requests for MM, as much as I like the music it being jazz makes transcribing a serious pain in the ):

Sheet music (if it’s not working, change your device/browser, or send me your email):

MIDI on Synthesia (FlutterArts was kind enough to put it here):
My other Cheritz / visual novel

707’s theme (as comparison):
Other MM/Cheritz/Flaming Heart

For my dear friend P who shares in Cheritz fangirling with me.

>> Mystic Messenger Hack <<