SBI PO/Clerk 2018 General Awareness GAinful100 July 09 July 15

July 16, 2020

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SBI PO/Clerk 2018 – General GAinful-100 (July 09 – July 15)

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– Mystic Voulge 70+18:
Alacrity, Aggression, Bastion, Aerial, Courage, Agility, Frenzy, Blast

– Partners*:
Huang Zhong – Efficacy/ Vigor
Xiahou Yuan – Vigor/ Efficacy
Hanzo Hattori – Efficacy/ Vigor

* Choose any two of the three partners listed above, they all function the same.

Fleet Mail, Messenger’s Garb, Tengjia Armor, Musou Armor, Sun Tzu’s Art of War, Lion’s Fang

Chaos Regular – Into the Fire – 9 stars

Wei Yan’s Air R1 is amazing. With every game, he reminds me more and more of Blanka from Street Fighter… but anyways.

Wei Yan’s superiority over majority of the casts is the ability to stay offensive while being defensive. His defensive approach is different from most casts due to the fact he completely escapes from danger with a single Air R1.

Air R1 is his go-to moveset wherever he goes. There is absolutely minimum to no penalty in using it. With self-Thrift and reduced aerial consumption, he can go on for awhile despite being a Power-type. After Aggression, he is capable of shredding the strongest enemies in the game with a full-hit.

High combo generating with smaller crowd is slightly tricky (especially without Chronos). Wei Yan will want to high jump an Air R1, delay for 0.5 seconds to perform a mini-Jump Attack to sustain the combo, then repeat with an Air R1. He can semi-generate dead bodies this way, but will start losing bodies as the combo repeats.

Two things Wei Yan needs to watch out for is rolling uphill on a terrain, as this is a no-no. It won’t get him killed, but it will reduce his damage output and increase his risk of being hurt. The other thing he needs to worry about is rolling with too many mobs, as this will flick enemies out (especially officers) out of his Air R1. Sometimes RNG is a pain and will happen indiscriminately for no apparent reason.

Other than that, Wei Yan is “Two Thumbs Up”.

No audio because this was recorded through the features in PS4.

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