Sht Logger V3.

July 26, 2020

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What can you obtain with Sh!T-LoggeR?
MSN Recovery,
Firefox Recovery (Steals & Decrypts)
FileZilla Recovery,
Imvu Recovery,
alot application’s CDkeys,
alot Game Keys
USB Spread,
Add To Startup,
Add To Registry,
Delete Cookies/Cookies,
Disable Regedit,
Disable Taskmanager,
DynDns – NEW,
No-IP – NEW,
Internet Explorer 7/8,
Kill Steam Cache – NEW,
Download And Execute – Fixed
Fake Error Messages,
Bind File ( MULTI BINDER ) – Fixed,
Built In Password Generator ( U can’t see it ),
Highly Obfuscated ,

Email/FTP Sending 🙂 ( sends to email first FTP = BACKUP )

Sh!T-LoggeR has Precautions for…

Virtual Pc
Bit Defender
Virutal Box
Zone Alarm
SpyBot S&D – NEW

Sh!T-LoggeR Creator Comment

The New V3.0 = Superb!
New Interface
Sweet Anti’s
Sweet Option’s
No more dropping ( except ftp ^^ )
This will be fud for more then a year!!

New Customers 10.00$
Existing Customers With Update – Sh!T-LoggeR Binary 0$
Sh!T-LoggeR Source = NOT FOR SALE

Prefered payment PayPal

Contact to
[email protected]
Sales Open!!! –

Jeff is a 1980 graduate of New England College, where he earned his BA in Business Administration/Finance. He is an accomplished leader and executive, and is passionate about venture and angel Jeff was named one of the “25 Angel Investors in New York You Need to Know” by AlleyWatch (

Jeff presently serves as Chairman of the Evaluation Committee and Treasurer of the ARC Angel Fund, is Co-Director of the Reitler Advisory Group. In addition, Jeff also serves the community as Chairman of the Board of Promoting Specialized Care and Health (PSCH), a not-for-profit organization offering residential, clinical, and day programs to 9,000 individuals with developmental, psychological, and behavioral disabilities in New York City’s five boroughs and Long Island.

About the President’s Speaker

Each year the President’s Speaker Series at New England College brings to campus prominent leaders and innovators from business, nonprofits, public policy, and issue areas that are interesting, insightful, and engaging for students and members of the community.

>> Mystic Messenger Hack <<