WW Digital Wellness Workshop #153 LET’S TALK HOLIDAY RECIPES

April 28, 2021

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Missed your WW (Weight Watchers) Workshop? Digital Online only? It’s ok…we have a chat for that!
WW (Weight Watchers) Wellness Workshop Chat #153: Let’s Talk Holiday Recipes
Have a family favorite recipe that just doesn’t fit your WW plan? Join us Sunday night, you need this chat!
You need to join Sunday’s LIVE chat at 8pm eastern
Join us Sunday nights at 8pm Eastern as we chat LIVE about our weekly WW meeting topic. If you can’t make it live on Facebook or want to watch again later On Demand go to YouTube and search IFYOUHAVEANEGG. Remember to subscribe so you won’t miss a week!
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0:00 Just Chatting
32:21 Valorant
3:17:31 Minecraft

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수상한 메신저 오타콘 2018 패널 토크쇼 영상 Mystic Messenger OTAKON 2018 Panel Talk Show

April 5, 2021

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한국어/영어/스페인어 자막 지원
Korean/English/Spanish subtitles available

(((스포일러 주의 Spoiler Alert)))

수상한 메신저 오타콘 2021 패널 토크쇼 영상
Mystic Messenger OTAKON 2021 Panel Talk Show

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장르 : 스토리텔링 모바일 메신저 게임
Genre : Storytelling Mobile Messenger Game

[성우 게스트 정보]
김영선 (707 役)
심규혁 (김유성 役)
이호산 (V 役)
강수진 (Unknown 役)

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Hello everyone, Heart here!

I was bored, so I decided to do a dub for fun. And I chose Gourmet Hound because I love the webcomic so much.

Gourmet Hound is a wonderful webcomic, with an interesting plot and awesome characters! You can check it out and learn more about it through the app Webtoon, which is full of other webcomics that vary from genre to genre.

I hope you enjoyed watching this video (despite me stuttering a lot-). If you do, you can leave a like, comment and subscribe! (if you want to, that is)

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Mystic Messenger Comic Dub Sweet Talk | PHANTOMSAVAGE

April 3, 2021

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Special thanks to Nanashi xx for giving me this comic to dub!ORIGINAL

Part 2 after chat!


James Dijit as

Kanono as

ActorsAllusion as 707:

AderuMoro as

Me… as Zen.

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From classic Let’s Plays (with their own storyline) like Let’s Play Dead Rising, Comic Dubs of all sorts, to Savage Plays of games most new and interesting, this is the place where I post whatever I desire to my hearts content, and I welcome you sir or madam, I WELCOME YOU TO MY CHANNEL!

Mystic Messenger [Comic Dub] – Sweet Talk | PHANTOMSAVAGE


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