How to make a Visual Novel Using Kocho free mobile app

April 5, 2021

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In this video tutorial we will showcase the Kocho tools to use when developing a Visual Novel within our application, available in both IOS and Android operative systems, download links just below.

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We used assets from other artists in order to make more visually appealing the tutorial, by no means we want to monetize this video nor the content created with this works, everything was made strictly with educational purposes. Below the links of the artists and assets

The character images belong to Ayaze Hazuki here is the link of her Twitter

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10 things you need to know when using Telegram for PokemonGO The best communication app

March 28, 2021

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10 things that every single mid county pokemongo player needs to know about how we raid with Telegram. Personally think it is the absolute best communication/coordination app there is for this game. There are other options out there that are fine as well, but more geared towards the “hardcore” players, which is fine, but most people that play are “casual” players. TWO THINGS I DID FORGET TO

Sony A6000
Premiere Pro

A review of the best art & tech projects from 2021. With a focus on e-waste

Once you start looking at electronic trash you see it in laptops of course but also increasingly in cars, fridges, even inside the bodies of humans and other animals. The talk will look at how artists have been exploring the e-junk invasion.

Régine Debatty is a curator, critic and founder of a blog which has received numerous distinctions over the years, including two Webby awards and an honorary mention at the STARTS Prize, a competition launched by the European Commission to acknowledge “innovative projects at the interface of science, technology and art”.
Régine writes and lectures internationally about the way artists, hackers, and designers use science and technology as a medium for critical discussion. She also created A.I.L. (Artists in Laboratories), a weekly radio program about the connections between art and science for Resonance104.4fm in London (2021–14), is the co-author of the “sprint book” New Art/Science Affinities, published by Carnegie Mellon University (2021) and is currently co-writing a book about culture and artificial intelligence.

Régine Débatty

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Messenger Tricks / Unli Clicks Using This Apps TAGALOG

March 26, 2021

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How I farm for hourglasses in Mystic Messenger using Christmas DLC

March 2, 2021

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This vid shows how I farm for HGs on 7:18pm using Christmas DLC. I just wanna show that you need to go through all the chats before 7:18pm to start farming. This farming method is based on the video

Hi guy in this video I know how to talk make time fast ..all what you have to do just change the history and time and watch the video if you want to understand more❤
If you didn’t understand you can leave a comment ..bye

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