Talk to me ~ 707 Mystic Messenger AMV

August 13, 2019

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“So why won’t you talk to me?
Why won’t you just talk to me?
There’s a universe inside your head,
constellations of the things you left unsaid.
Talk to me or watch me leave.”


I wasn’t sure what name to call him. He has three of them. ^^ I love Seven so much! He’s most definitely my favorite out of the entire game. (But I think he’s everyone’s favorite to be honest)
I tried to combine two different themes in this AMV- Space (Getting married at the space station) and technology (For obvious reasons). I felt this song really captures the MC’s feelings during the middle of his route.
This concludes each of my Mystic Messenger character routes AMVs.
Thanks so much for watching! ^^
(This one was so serious, so I might make a funny one later, IDK)

The song is Talk to me by Lauren Aquilina

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English Commentary.

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