The Advanced Lightworkers And Their Mission ON Earth

November 27, 2021

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Lightworkers are individuals who have made a conscious sometimes subconscious decision to help “raise the vibration” of humanity,A lightworker can allow their own inner spiritual light to shine and radiate outward energetically,Lightworkers naturally have a caring attitude for others and are open to assisting others in life through self-development and by improving mind, body and spirit,The lightworkers are here to “hold the love and the light ” that is radiating from the infinite-all or creator GOD , and to trasmit that energy through their words,thoughts,feelings,Personal development does play an essential and important role in the lightworker philosophy,Anyone can be a lightworker or choose to walk the lightworker path, although there are many lightworker-souls who prior to birth have chosen to incarnate on the earth plane to help assist humanity in some way,A lightworker not only empowers themselves when they take care of their mind, body and spirit, but it also helps empower other people and raise the vibration of the planet,Spiritually advanced lightworkers can even work and assist on a spiritual or cosmic level through meditation and prayer,Lightworkers often feel inspired to help others through spiritual meditation, teaching, healing, prayer, writing and speaking through unconditonal love,Lightworkers come from a variety of spiritual traditions and backgrounds,A Lightworker’s mission is to hold as much light as possible and to shine their love, happiness, and peace into the world,Anyone on earth can become a LightWorker if they are truly committed in his or her heart to helping others awaken to Love.

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