The Commonwealth of Breath Climate and Consciousness in a MorethanHuman World

June 24, 2021

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Bridging environmental studies with philosophy and anthropology, entwining natural history with theology and psychology, Dr. Abram counterposed the theoretical abstraction of much climate discourse by discussing a range of indigenous, place-based understandings of our planet’s atmosphere and climate.

By listening close to the diverse ways that air, weather, and climate are spoken of by diverse indigenous oral traditions, we may begin to discern the elemental atmosphere in a far more palpable manner, as a sensuous yet enigmatic dimension of reality intimately bound up with human activity, with spoken language, and even with sentience itself—that is, with the full-bodied sentience not only of humans but of other animals, of plants, and of the animate earth itself.

David Abram–cultural ecologist and geophilosopher–is the author of “Becoming An Earthly Cosmology,” and of “The Spell of the Perception and Language in a More-than-Human World.” Described as “daring” and “truly original” by Science, and as “revolutionary” by the Los Angeles Times, Dr. Abram’s work has helped catalyze the emergence of several new disciplines, including the burgeoning field of ecopsychology. A close student of the traditional ecological knowledge of diverse indigenous peoples, David was the first contemporary philosopher to advocate for a reappraisal of “animism” as a complexly nuanced and uniquely viable worldview. He has been the recipient of numerous awards, and recently held the international Arne Naess Chair in Global Justice and the Environment in Norway. Dr. Abram is creative director of the Alliance for Wild Ethics (AWE), an organization dedicated to cultural metamorphosis through a rejuvenation of place-based oral culture–the culture of face-to-face and face-to-place storytelling. He lives with his family in the foothills of the southern Rockies.

This event was held April 9, 2021.

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Kladi Vergine is the visual strategist and founder of Studio Printmysoul, a Manchester-based design

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01:03:20 Using ipad AI VS desktop Ai
01:08:20 Using the Mirror feature
01:10:10 Color theory and inspiration
01:19:00 Creating Mandalas with the Radial Symmetry tool
01:25:00 Working between iPad and desktop illustrator

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