The Magick of Mercury manifestation healing words of power.

November 20, 2021

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Back at yall with the Planetary magick series In this video The Magick of Mercury, manifestation healing words of power, you are going to get a clear understanding of the symbol of Mercury and how to utilize the planetary energy to manifest the greatest version of yourself.

If you REALLY want to learn magick take the time to create your own ritual, we all are born with a unique way of honoring our divinity. As a true occult master, I have an obligation to bring not just truth but clarity to the esoteric matters that plague the minds of humanity.

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Grab a drink and settle down to enjoy some tarot decks — some familiar and perhaps others not?! Let me know your favs down below. These are all of my most favorite tarot decks. I hope you enjoy this review-type reading where I very quickly and casually go over why the card stock works or doesn’t, image quality, super fav decks, or which kind of lack and why! This is for fun and research. Please enjoy. As always, support me and my channel by LIKING this video, hitting that SUBSCRIBE button, and COMMENTING down below. If you want to work with me in a personal reading, book below!

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?Here are the decks I used in this reading. I am a member of the Amazon Affiliate program. If you click on these links and purchase any of these decks, I get a small portion of the proceeds, and I must declare this. Thank you, and here are the ?

1. Madame Endora’s Fortune Telling 1:03 –
2. It’s Your Karma Cards – 3:23 – (no link)
3. Divine Guidance – 6:28 –
4. The Journey 8:28 –
5. Wisdom for Healing – 11:30 –
6. Love Oracle Cards – 13:54 –
7. Oracle of the Shapeshifters – 15:26 –
8. Archetype Cards – 19:09
9. Magical mermaids and Dolphins – 21:00
10. Divine Doors – 23:01 –
11. Etsy 24:25 (no link)
12. Kipper 26:20 –
13. Energy Oracle – 28:22 –
14. The Halloween Oracle 31:13 –
15. The Moon Oracle – 34:05 –
16. The Deck of Many Things/The Deck of Many Fates – 37:38 –

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