Theory of Functional Programming skill

February 22, 2021

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Make your program bulletproof and easily debuggable with Functional Programming. Watch and learn the skill needed via this 25 mins talk, followed by Q&A session that answers many doubts you might have, don’t miss it.

About The The functional programming skills are applicable to your software, regardless of the language or paradigm you use. In this talk, you’ll learn skills to program in Functional Programming style.
At the end of talk, you’ll get to know insightful questions such as : how to get started with refactoring your code for functional programming, how to deal with dependencies while following functional programming style, how to simplify etc.

About Eric Normand is the author of book, Grokking Simplicity, where he gathers functional programming practices from the industry, distills them down, and teaches them to beginners.

00:12-26:23 Presentation by Eric
26:42 Q&A

The presentation pdf can be downloaded from Git Commit Show repository on Github

This talk was recorded at Git Commit Show – Season 02 on Jun 28, 2020

Git Commit Show is the biggest online developer conference organized by Invide with a purpose to be a 2-day hack for developers to learn about new things happening in tech and showcase their talent. It’s completely online and free so that everyone gets equal opportunity to learn irrespective of their location and financial background.
About Git Commit Show :

Invide, world’s first accelerator for developers has been helping out developers to grow. Invide started in 2021 as a highly curated invite-only community of developers with strict selection philosophy with 1.2% acceptance rate brings focus on talent and breaks location barriers.


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