Torrent Power User Guide do Like HACKER | Detail idea | lab full steps | torrent hack tips

July 27, 2021

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#Torrent Power User Guide do Like HACKER

Are Torrented movies legal?

Are Torrented files safe?

Is uTorrent safe to use?

Which is the best Torrenting app?
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Conversion rate techniques are much different with Google ADs compared to Facebook. The normal strategy which would often work with Facebook ADs often fails completely with Google.

In this video, I go over the exact differences between the two platforms and how to actually increase conversion rates with Google ADs.

Now, it doesn’t really matter whether you run Search ADs or Shopping ADs with Google, the average conversion rate will hover around a measly 1%.

To increase this, however, there are several different things we can try. The first thing you should definitely always do is include the top features towards the top end of the description. This means all of the specifications and features which can help the customer understand what the product is.

In addition, you need to make sure the description is extremely emotional and would make them want to purchase. The more details you have, the better.

Along with the description, consider getting the app “Sales Pop” which basically sends a notification that somebody purchased something. While this may not be the best technique for Facebook ADs, it works perfectly well with Google.

Along with that, make sure you have a sticky add to cart button, chat messenger icon, and an equal image to text ration in your descriptions. Consider adding special brand names to the products to increase their perceived value.

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