TROUBLEMAKER Let’s Play Locked Heart Part 1 Deon’s Route

May 10, 2021

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Returning to Locked Heart where we are now in Deon’s route. Aura finds herself overwhelmed with the eldest son of the d’Lockes family while trying to help them in Locked Heart.

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Here we are with Deon’s route now! I’m actually happy that the story isn’t exactly a repeat of the previous route because I know a lot of visual novels with multiple routes tend to make everything the same and not really change things up. This is why I love Dicesuki’s games because they always change up everything for every route. Tell me what you guys think of Deon in the comments!

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A trip to the next town has diverted Aura to the infamous mysterious d’Lockes Mansion ….of talking toys?! Play as Aura as she attempts to help them and possibly a romance with one of the 3 Bears.

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