Victor Efimov Lecture for FSB 02252003

April 30, 2020

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Prof. Victor Efimov – Lecture for FSB about New World Order (02/25/2003) ENGLISH SUBS!
The main sources that will allow to double GDP are industry, agriculture and the real sector of
production of commodities as well as services. It is high time that we crushed the murderous bank
usury practicies and bring about taxation-and compensatory machinery of market regulation, which
will provide the balanced development of all the sectors of the national economy; eliminate any inter-industry disproportions in prices and investments. It is time we tore the mask of the myth that
insists the market by itself is all-mighty and omnipotent. Unregulated market will inevitably be adjusting itself to maximum profits, which leads to booming usury, porno-business, drug business,
favoring alcohol and tobacco producers, which destroy the statehood. Well-being and prosperity
should be determined by labour itself, and not by which industry one belongs to.
Victor Efimov
newspaper “Chas pik”, May 6, 2004

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