W♔D Lost in Japan Mep

September 18, 2021

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So after some months we finally FINALLY finish this mep guys!! I want to thank the Members and guest editors for turning in their parts on time and we sincerely apologize for the lateness.

To my amazing editors, you guys really made us proud for this mep. Keep it up!
Our idea is something like…
Two people who want
but they are not together bc live on diferrents countrys or citys and there is have a big sexual tension and practically want to meet on japan to free it
the distance is little hurts but still want to know each other a night where the lights of the city create an atmosphere.

0:07 || Ketrin Pirs
Mystic Messenger

0:14 || Part 2: ♥►[.DarkFanFrontier.]♥

0:23 || Part 3: xNekomoon
Fruits basket

0:31 || Part 4: AmuletScarletノ🌟💜 –
Masamune-Kun No Revenge

|| Part 5: bishani

0:47 || Part 6:Yuzuru Hanae Jihoon
Save my high eight eight class

0:56 || Part 7: bishani
Amagi Brilliant Park

1:04 || Part 8: lllmariale1026lll
as miss beelzebub likes it

1:12 || Part 9: Avizaly
binghe and shen qingqin

1:20 || Part 10: sasuchanariosto
Talk to Me

1:28 || Part 11: sasuchanariosto
Talk to Me

1:36 || Part 12: iMaxexce

1:46 Part 13: sasuchanariosto

1:52 Part 14:sasuchanariosto

2:01 || Part 15: x Kali x
Fairy tail

2:08 || Part 16: Ketrin Pirs
Koi to Uso

2:17 || Part 17: Pepinoslala

2:25 || Part 18:Akaneruzu
Go toubun no hanayome

2:33 || Part 19: xEtherealSunlight
Boku no hero Academia

2:41 || Part :20 PokeSpeDou

2:49 || Part 21: Kary Zehcnas
I want eat your pancreas

2:57 Part 22: I Gust
A Day Before Us




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Hello and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! This is my last collection of 2021 and it’s a bit of a raw dump, I’ve been insanely busy but anyway i hope you like it because *drumroll* i discovered the graph editor -finally- and i must say its love at first edit XD. Anyway i hope you’ve had a fantastic new year and i can’t wait to see what 2021 brings.

Looking for You IC
Makai Devils and Realist
Maroon 5 – Maps (couldn’t find cover so linking original)

Yuki AMV

If It Ain’t Mystic Messenger MEP :
Mystic Messenger – (does) Jumin Han (is gay ?)
If It ain’t love – Jason derulo

HikariBlue 690

Up Town Funk – Lips are Moving
Yuri (gays) On Ice
Uptown Funk/Lips Are Movin MASHUP!! (Sam Tsui Cover)


Shine – HBD Haruki
Tamako Love Story, Yuri on ice, No.6, Owari no Seraph, Kyoukai no Kanata
Years & Years – Shine

(your on my channel)

Mashup Of Hope – Happy New Year
Yuri on Ice
Mashup 2021 “WE WERE YOUNG”

Delusional Studios

I need more phanfics.

>> Mystic Messenger Hack <<