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June 29, 2021

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Welcome back to our 23rd episode of the Launch Your Farm Show where I interview Mike Clarke with Keller Williams.

Today, Mike and I discuss how he was wined and dined and talked into real estate from a friend of his and he packed up his life and family and moved from Vancouver to Toronto to start his real estate business.

Mike shares how he built his business in his farm and evolved over the years trying new strategies to stay on top of his game. With over 30 years in the business and a lot of successes and failures, Mike brings a wealth of knowledge to our industry and to you in this episode.

In this episode Mike and I talk
• Why farming was so critical to his success and we discuss a lot of the strategies he’s used over the years.
• Mike shares how he built one of the first teams in the area and was a real pioneer in the business.
• What he did to grow his farm to over 55 THOUSAND homes over a 5 year period.
• A SUPER easy way to segment your farm into the most profitable pockets and how to choose the right area for your farm.
• How standing out and takings risks in your marketing can get you ahead in the business when you back it up with proven strategies.
• Plus a ton of other ideas that you can use to grow geographic farm!

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