Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Da Ji Solo Maximization Archer

March 12, 2020

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– Poisoned Dumplings* 11+54:
Alacrity, Aggression, Bastion, Typhoon, Echo, Windslay, Iceebolt, Agility
*For maximization, it must be Poisoned Dumplings, no exceptions.

Kyubi – Stamina/ Impact
Cao Cao – Impact/ Stamina

Fleet Mail, Messenger’s Garb, Tengjia Armor, Iron Gauntlets, Musou Armor, Lion’s Fang

Chaos Archer Only – Ninjas United – 9 stars

With the new abilities added to the game, she’s optimal with hybrid set-up. Under Aggression, C1x2 will kill generics. A combination of C1-R1-Air R1 can be used to kill officers too. On tougher opponents, it’s better to use C1x# then finish with R1 to prevent additional damage stack up on Da Ji. When against iced officers or Gyuki clones (when attacking), R1 can deal a good chunk of health.

She can trigger Aggression+Bastion in most circumstances, it just takes more time (as demonstrated at 00:10). She only used about 10 peons to trigger Aggression+Bastion and they were not even clustered together. To generate Alacrity, this will require about 15~20 peons minimally.

Using Poisoned Dumpling is mandatory because it has a invisible reach glitch. Normally R1 hit box is where her balls (lol) are hitting. But as long as she hits the targets with Poisoned Dumplings, while rotating herself 360 degrees, and rotating the camera, she can hit everything around her with an absurd amount of radius (despite knocking them away). Typhoon and Echo helps generate her combos AROUND her too even though the animation isn’t displaying that correctly.

– Final
Of course she is not the greatest character in the game, but she is loads of fun (in my opinion; because of the glitch XD). She definitely had a major transition from WO3 to WO3U, as she is much more then just playable now.

No audio because this was recorded through the features in PS4.

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