Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate | Gauntlet Mode 10Star Red Name Stage Solo Run Taishi Ci

April 21, 2020

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Gauntlet mode solo run with Taishi Ci. I found it kind of hard to generate combo with him, so I put multi on his weapon. The easiest way I’ve found to generate combo is using his musou within in a crowd. This will clear the crowd and generate 500+ hit combos easily. The first part of his musou, where he throws the enemy into the air, must connect in order for the explosion to occur. Otherwise, it will just cause him to do a stab that is a single-target move.

For teammates, I replaced Xiahou Yuan with Toshiie Maeda since he also has efficacy and fortitude. With fortitude and two power type skills, this allows me to equip messenger’s garb without losing any defense. For items, I decided to try out potion of focus as I had never tried it before. It seemed to help with sustaining musou.

Imperial Rods X – alacrity, aggression, bastion, multi, echo, frenzy, blast, agility

messenger’s garb, amulet of protection, tengjia armor, potion of focus, vestment of voidance, orb of balance

Teammate efficacy x 3, power x 2, fortitude x 1, stamina x 2, impact x 1

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