Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Kaguya Solo Maximization Archer

March 11, 2020

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– Mystic Dragonsword 55+18:
Aggression, Bastion*, Bombast, Courage, Agility, Destruction, Blast, Flak
*Can be replaced with almost anything. Maybe Storm? Lol.

Hundun – Impact/ Thrift
Ayane* – Stamina/ Thrift
*Any partner with Thrift is preferred.

Fleet Mail, Messenger’s Garb, Belt of Concentration, Sun Tzu’s Art of War, Tactics Scroll, Lion’s Fang

Chaos Archer Only – The Demise of Orochi X – 10 stars

– Old
After so much testing with so many R1 build variations, it was difficult to play her in general. With all the new contents and flexibility in the game, R1 is pretty much an outdated set-up now, in my opinion.

– New
With Musou set-up, Kaguya out performs every aspect of her old set-up. Whether it’s offense, survivability, crowd control, consistency, Musou does it better. WIth Vigor as her ability, Musou set-up is very beneficial. Unlike Date’s Musou set-up, she doesn’t have a problem with officers being shoved around in a crowd.

Kaguya’s Musou only consists of two loops. Two loops meaning one press = two animation. After Aggression, her Musou OS generics. She will need 4 loops to kill anything tougher. Kaguya’s laser can do even more if she lands all her lasers exactly on one target, which is not hard to do. This offense is much more stable than her old set-up because it doesn’t require her to “improvise” anymore. She doesn’t have to R1 and Air R1 plethora of times just for kills and safety. One click of her Musou is faster than any R1 variations can do alone. Let alone in her old set-up, she is constantly abusing Air R1 most of the time.

Her Musou has a great hit-box. Her lasers actually have a 40~45 degree hit box in front of her, and when it moves, it can cover about 90~100 degrees.

If her Musou is clicked, and not held, during her Musou, officers may unblock. As soon as the loop is about to end, click it again. If the officer unblocks, hold the Musou button for the kill!! 🙂

Despite half of this stage is all running and have relatively low dense crowds, she kept her Aggression up for the majority of the stage. And she can easily generate Bombast through a stage without really needing to “force” farm it.

– Finals
In my opinion, Kaguya is an effective Samurai Musou user, even more so than Ayane. As a Samurai Musou user, Ayane’s six loop Musou boasts in crowd control and combo generating. However, they are overly excessive, making it not (time) efficient at all. Not to mention it has long animation, lag cast time, lag recovery, and overall weak damage (for six loops). Kaguya’s effectiveness are just right making it effective and efficient overall.

Even though Ayane boasts better crowd control, it only really boasts on better peon crowd control. So it’s really not “better” to a notable standard. Both Ayane and Kaguya’s Musou are blockable. So in essence, Ayane and Kaguya cannot handle multiple officers at once, as they will have to constantly reposition themselves. However, Kaguya can do this this more efficiently than Ayane (especially at Mt. Niutou).

Ayane is only better than Kaguya at combo generating and Musou sustaining because of triple Thrift. But even then, Kaguya doesn’t waste much time generating Bombast than Ayane’s six loop Musou.

No audio because this was recorded through the features in PS4.

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