Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Orochi Solo Maximization Archer

June 8, 2020

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– Mystic Reaper 82+18
Aggression, Bastion, Echo, Windslay, Icebolt, Courage, Absorption, Blast

Gan Ning – Efficacy & Power
Muneshige Tachibana – Power & Efficacy

Fleet Mail, Messenger’s Garb, Tengjia Armor, Iron Gauntlet, Musou Armor, Dragon’s Eye

Chaos Archer Only – Ninjas United – 9 stars

This was a poorly recorded run because Gan Ning partner set-up was starting to upset me with partner assist + buff. So I substituted in Kenshin Uesugi instead.

JC-cancel-JA quickly to catch grounded generics for OHKOs. With Aggression, JC-cancel-JA will OHKO ~1.5x super officers. ~2x super officers can be killed with JCx2 or C1-1-1 with or without Aggression, doesn’t matter (but they have to stun/freeze in place). Kotaro Fuma gets OHKO with Aggression C1-1-1 if he stun/freezes in place or allow C1-1-1 to hit-miss-hit.

He should be careful using C1-1-1 in dense ninja crowds (especially without Bastion). Both JC, C1-1-1 and self Stamina are self-sustainable qualities that makes Orochi quite easy to play.

He’s very good at burst generating 200+ combos. For sustaining combos he can use JA or S1 if he’s really close to 200 combos.

credits to r0xm2n on GameFAQs for S1 suggestion.


• JC offense is an immediate absorption method
• Health is self-sustainable with self Stamina
• Good against officer pile up
• Good combo generator

• Offense is Aggression dependent to be stable in A Tier (refer to the Google spreadsheet on ‘Character tiering’ below)

• R1 should be used to generate combos only and JA should be used to sustain combo duration


– GameFAQs

– Google
• Character tiering, clear times, set-up –
• Character evaluation –


No audio because this was recorded through the features in PS4.

A little video I made explaining why not to download any generators offline because they are not safe and they don’t work. Also they do it just to get you personal information or just to infect your computer with a virus to make it run slow. Also be time you have used a generator and if it asks you to put a email and password in it will probably be too late as they already have or are gonna change you password etc….

I hope you enjoyed this video and I if you are thinking of downloading one of them don’t as you can see this is the process the hackers do but they use more than too pieces a code, this is just an example. The code they use is phishing, which means stealing your data that you input and it gets sent to the hacker via email…….

More videos coming soon,

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