Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Orochi Solo Maximization Archer

July 2, 2020

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– Mystic Reaper 82+18
Aggression, Bastion, Echo, Windslay, Icebolt, Courage, Absorption, Blast

Gan Ning – Efficacy & Power
Muneshige Tachibana – Power & Efficacy

Fleet Mail, Messenger’s Garb, Tengjia Armor, Iron Gauntlet, Musou Armor, Dragon’s Eye

Chaos Archer Only – Ninjas United – 9 stars

This was a poorly recorded run because Gan Ning partner set-up was starting to upset me with partner assist + buff. So I substituted in Kenshin Uesugi instead.

JC-cancel-JA quickly to catch grounded generics for OHKOs. With Aggression, JC-cancel-JA will OHKO ~1.5x super officers. ~2x super officers can be killed with JCx2 or C1-1-1 with or without Aggression, doesn’t matter (but they have to stun/freeze in place). Kotaro Fuma gets OHKO with Aggression C1-1-1 if he stun/freezes in place or allow C1-1-1 to hit-miss-hit.

He should be careful using C1-1-1 in dense ninja crowds (especially without Bastion). Both JC, C1-1-1 and self Stamina are self-sustainable qualities that makes Orochi quite easy to play.

He’s very good at burst generating 200+ combos. For sustaining combos he can use JA or S1 if he’s really close to 200 combos.

credits to r0xm2n on GameFAQs for S1 suggestion.


• JC offense is an immediate absorption method
• Health is self-sustainable with self Stamina
• Good against officer pile up
• Good combo generator

• Offense is Aggression dependent to be stable in A Tier (refer to the Google spreadsheet on ‘Character tiering’ below)

• R1 should be used to generate combos only and JA should be used to sustain combo duration


– GameFAQs

– Google
• Character tiering, clear times, set-up –
• Character evaluation –


No audio because this was recorded through the features in PS4.

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