Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Sanzang Solo Maximization Archer

April 7, 2020

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– Mystic Sleeves 55+18
Alacrity, Aggression, Bastion, Typhoon, Echo, Courage, Agility, Frenzy

Ayane – Stamina & Thrift
Hundun – Impact & Thrift

Fleet Mail*, Charm of Alacrity, Tengjia Armor, Iron Gauntlet, Musou Armor, Sun Tzu’s Art of War
* Can be replaced with Messenger’s Garb for Attack+999.

Chaos Archer Only – Ninjas United – 9 stars

Because of self Impulse & Wonder, Sanzang can equip the item, Charm of Alacrity instead of Fleet Mail or Messenger’s Garb. This will allow her to run Speed+352 (8 away from cap), as well as max out her Defense. Maximizing Defense is a better idea than Attack because she can one string combo KO everything in game with Attack+879 by using C1-S1, even Kotaro Fuma (not shown in this video).

Without Aggression, C1-R1 will one string combo KO all generic officers. With Aggression, R1 itself will OHKO generics and non-flinchable ~1.5x – 2x super officers. Anything that is flinchable and stronger than generics, she will require Aggression C1-S1 combo for OHKOs.

She has a crappy grounded WD, so use it for canceling animation rather than offense/generating combos because it is unreliable. However, her aerial WD is an exception.

It’s easier for WD to generate combos when enemies are grounded. So the best initial combo starter for Sanzang is JA-WD because JA and her aerial WD doesn’t lift too many enemies, then proceed Air R1-cancel-WD. It’s optional, but after Air R1-cancel-WD, a JC-WD can be performed to travel to another crowd immediately while sustaining combo.


• Can clear all stages + scenarios with minimum sustain
• Has self Impulse & Wonder, allowing her to equip Charm of Alacrity in place of Messenger’s Garb for a more defensive set-up
• Great against officer pile up
• Good combo generator

• Offense is Aggression dependent

• Burns Musou relatively fast
• Generating is a stretch in even less populated AO scenarios only; namely in The Demise of Orochi X (AO)
• Has one of the bad grounded WD in game, so use it with caution


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No audio because this was recorded through the features in PS4.

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