Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Tamamo Solo Maximization Regular

April 24, 2020

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– Mystic Scroll 55+18:
Alacrity, Aggression, Bastion, Echo, Aerial, Agility, Frenzy, Blast

Ayane – Stamina & Thrift
Hundun – Thrift & Impact

Fleet Mail, Messenger’s Garb, Tengjia Armor, Musou Armor, Sun Tzu’s Art of War, Lion’s Fang

Chaos Regular – Ninjas United – 9 stars

Like Kyubi, Tamamo is very strong. Even stronger, actually. Air R1 is incredibly, brutally strong. She shares simlar faults to Kyubi, but by being Wonder-type, it patches her recovery lag problems.

Tamamo’s R1 variation movesets behave very similarly to Ma Dai. Air R1 in definition, being super strong and possessing a R1 buff that is virtually useless on them because they are just strong by default.

After every Air R1, it is to her benefit to WD (Spirit Charge or Wonder Dash) to the sides, perpendicularly to the incoming peons. This is to prevent/minimize her chances from getting leaped, regardless if she is airborne or not. She is a very floaty character.

As previously mentioned, Tamamo is very strong, but unlike her Kyubi counterpart, that is pretty much it about her. She lacks crowd controlling and clearing in her movesets. She is terribly slow and even more unsafe than Kyubi (even without her Air R1 invincibility). Tamamo also lacks good WD hitbox and combo count from it, making it slightly more difficult for her to generate. Her C5 is a multi-hit burst move that can activate a ton of combo count, but unsafe. S1~3-WD is usually her most reliable method to generate high combo immediately, if not, S-string all the way will get her there.

One thing minor she needs to be careful of is her Air R1 does not like airborne enemies. If they are, allow them to stand back on the ground before attempting another Air R1.

Tamamo’s Musou is out of this world and is amazing … I will probably be posting that soon after this video is up.

No audio because this was recorded through the features in PS4.

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