Washington State Telehealth COVID19 Series #1

September 28, 2020

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This is a recording of a live webinar. Training #1: Telehealth Nuts & Bolts Kick-Off
– Review the definition of telehealth
– Review access to HCA laptops and Zoom accounts
– Review Zoom tips and functionality
– Review HIPAA regulations for telehealth
– Identify needs for further training and assistance

Accessibility accommodations available upon request. Please email us at [email protected]

10 Steps to Build Your Business Where It’s “Lendable”

Come join us on our live training event to discover the massive benefits of building your business credit.

During this livestream, you’ll discover …

• Top secrets of building business credit that are PROVEN to work!
• How business and personal credit differ…
• … and how business credit can save your personal assets by creating a barrier…
• … between your assets and your business expenses
• How using business credit will save your personal credit utilization rate…
• … because if it goes too high, your personal credit scores will suffer
• How building business credit early helps your score…
• … and is a safety net if your business goes through hard times…
• … and gives you more opportunities to build a solid payment history
• How using business credit helps you with the IRS
• Where trade credit, revolving store credit, fleet credit, and cash credit all fit in
• How business credit can help you eventually get a bank loan
• How high business credit limits are…
• … and that there’s no personal credit check
• Where D&B fits in…
• … and why you need a D-U-N-S number
• Where business credibility fits in…
• … and how monitoring your business credit pays off
• The secrets of building business credit that WE KNOW WORK!

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