Wei Yan 10 Star Red Name Gauntlet Mode Purple Keystone

April 24, 2020

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Wei Yan
Gauntlet Mode
10 Star Red Name Stage
Purple Keystone
4th Level

X+99 weapon

Vestment of Voidance
Messenger’s Garb/Sun Tzu’s Art of War
Fleet Mail
Musou Armor
Amulet of Protection
Tengjia Armor

Sima Zhao
Gan Ning
Muneshige Tachibana

Sigh…people still tell me that only Xu Shu and Ayane (infinite Musou) are only usable in Gauntlet Mode? And tells me that it is a hassle or impossible to clear gauntlet mode without wrath/brilliance? This video clearly disprove the most common misconceptions. How many times do I need to say this? Wrath/Brilliance aren’t necessary mandatory even in Miasma LV 120. I even limit to one thrift partner so he won’t have infinite Musou to use. The video condition is clearly handicapped compare to what most players use, that is without using wrath and brilliance, but I can still play Gauntlet Mode more effectively than most other players even if they are using almighty attributes. Plus, I didn’t spend as much time in Gauntlet Mode as most other players, but still end up performing better than them. Not trying to sound arrogant, but I have to tell the truth.

Also, even if I allow almighty attributes, not all characters are actually optimized with them. Why? Because the percentage dealt by bolt/wind/slay are fixed and if the move’s attack frequency is too high, then not all hits will do percentage damage, and bolt or ice will be counter-productive at combo generating for some specific moves. Wei Yan and Kiyomasa are two of the partial examples who are better with physical build than almighty build. Once you study enough to this game, you’ll realize this fact. Before I upload this content, I’ve already know this, but that’s basically for characters who have good R1s mostly though. But wrath is too broken on SW Musous, making their blockable Musous becomes unblockable, where this makes Guan Yu’s default unblockable Musou meaningless.

And Korean analysis considers Xu Huang top tier because of his superb EX defense boost? LMAO. This video clearly proves that there are characters whose level of safety can still be compared with Xu Huang.

Anyway, Wei Yan is still one of the best in Gauntlet Mode. Wei Yan owns in gauntlet mode, with his Air R1, and can still generate combo continuously against dead bodies, with Chronos, as shown in this video. Also, my health rarely fluctuate with Wei Yan though. He doesn’t need to use all relevant damage boosters to OHKO any bosses in Gauntlet Mode. Air R1 has combination of power, range, combo rate, mobility, safety, and continuous combo generating against dead peons. He is quite capable of perfect defense without being 100% invincible. Even against uber Gyukis/Hundun, Wei Yan still has no trouble wiping them out. Most people worship Xu Shu and Ayane for being broken, but how about Wei Yan?

Also, look at how Zhang Jiao’s Musou hit me, and does no damage to me.

This video is very easy to make.

WO2 – Flying Kung Fu

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