Whats Leaking Why It Matters and How to Slow the Drips

April 28, 2021

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Your data leaks in tiny inconsequential bits. But are they inconsequential? If so much of your data is de-identified, how do companies know so much about you? In this talk, we’ll tell you how to limit your data leakage so “they” know less about you. If you do it, and your friends and neighbors do it, maybe together we can make a dent in the surveillance economy.

David McClure

Adventure into mysterious lands, battle dangerous monsters and collect heaps of epic loot! Explore the world of Pylon, a classic and robust Action RPG! Enjoy fluid combat, diverse abilities and a variety of expansive environments packed with creatures, treasure and more…
Pylon fuses lightning fast Hack ‘n Slash combat with tactical gameplay. Switch between three different classes, all with the same character. Or, create a hybrid class and customize it with a wide array of special combat skills and abilities, then upgrade them!
Equip and wield a variety of Weapons and Armor, each with different uses in gameplay. Duel-wield wands and swords, heft a shield or smash enemies with huge maces! Socket magical armors with powerful gems loaded with countless combinations of bonuses and enhancements.
Pylon is a story-driven, fantasy ARPG. Take up arms as reluctant mercenary Jane as she follows questionable demands from Neznarf, an aged scholar bent on recovering a powerful artifact. The adventure begins outside Picador’s Parish, a small hovel of artisans and peasants. Resting in wilderness surrounding the Parish, ancient stone Pylons sit untouched as bygone relics of a lost age, until now…

– Story-driven, classic ARPG gameplay in a beautiful 3D world
– Real-time combat, complex and customizable
– Tens of thousands of Loot combinations
– Unlock New Difficulty Modes
– 6-10 hours of initial gameplay + countless hours more on Hard and Nightmare Modes
– Unique Boss Encounters and Elite Monsters

*If you receive the following
“Download failed because the resource could not be found”
Please re-sign into your Google account and try again.

*Please proceed until you receive the message “Game Saved” to keep progression.

*If you encounter any issues, please contact [email protected]


What’s New

-added Cloud Saving and Achievements via Google Play Games
-removed energy mechanic (called “stamina” in game)
-added a save button to the main menu for manual saving
-added a confirmation menu when purchasing items on the death screen
-fixed a bug causing some passive abilities to not apply correctly
-disabled real time shadows on samsung devices
-rebalanced difficulty of desert boss (should now be easier)
-rebalanced health pools of some bosses on Hard and Very Hard difficulties

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