When Yoosung is a Yandere

October 4, 2019

>> Mystic Messenger Hack <<

I am not sorry….( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Oh and I just watched the Persona 5 ending…that game really changed my life….

The amazing voice actor for the

All Fan

I edited this with VSDC and used Photoshop for the thumbnails!

The scary

NANI meme was used lol



And yes that’s Filthy Frank….

And the sneaky snitch song was used in the beginning…along with Makoto from Free!! yaoi Uke….

Here’s a quick tip on how you can quickly get hourglasses in MysticMessenger. Here I managed to get 10 using only 15 minutes of my time.
As far as I know, this method isn’t an offence and won’t cause your account to be banned. And of course, this method doesn’t require money.

An even faster way to gain HGs is to time your attempt at gathering them near the times either Zen or Seven are in the chats rooms. They average out to give one HG each time you chat (Zen is about 1.4) whereas Yoosung is 0.5 and Jumin/Jaehee are around 0. I went scouting during Zen’s 4:35 chat room for 15 mins and ended up getting 23 HGs. I skipped the prologues/texts though because I didn’t need those HGs/hearts since I was guaranteed HGs during the chosen chat rooms. I also recommend going hunting during Seven’s “Who Hates To Work” chat as well.

>> Mystic Messenger Hack <<