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August 6, 2020

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My Dear Lord

Unlikely Candidates

Just posting this to show I’m alive! Hahahaudbdv. Kinda. Idk how many wips I’m making and when i plan to finish them. ? but enjoy? Lol

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Today I was joined by Kevin Green, former CEO of The REC and now an NED and Chairman to a series of recruitment companies. Kevin was in his role at the REC back in 2008 and so he comes with lots of knowledge, experience and eye watering statistics comparing the current situation to the Global Financial Crisis.

In this episode we cover some clear strategies that agency owners should consider when looking to come through this period in the best shape possible.

Always willing to help, you can connect with Kevin and ask any questions here –


About Hoxo

We are committed to connecting marketing and sales teams within Recruitment agencies globally.

On a mission to help 1000 agencies by 2025, we plan and execute strategic inbound marketing campaigns that deliver results and are aligned to specific business objectives i.e. driving business development for a specific team/division.

We are currently working with Recruitment businesses all over the world to solve the following common

* Little or no internal marketing resources or capability
* Lack of clear ROI generated from marketing for the sales teams
* Recruitment business heavily reliant on outbound methods to generate business (this can be candidates and/or clients)
* Lack of systems and processes to prove marketing campaigns can lead to sales activity
* Current sales processes are manual, time consuming and not utilising today’s available technology

We can impact business development by driving the right contacts inbound to your agency and proving the impact on sales.


* Strategic planning – audience and persona mapping
* Content creation & distribution
* Brand awareness and lead generation
* Marketing and Sales process automation

What makes us unique?

1. We are ex Recruiters who fully understand the business
2. We only work with recruitment agencies
3. We combine people, process and technology to prove that Marketing can drive sales conversations through inbound marketing
4. We’re a Certified Platinum Partner Agency of Hubspot (the worlds leading Sales & Marketing Automation CRM)
5. We are the only HubSpot Partner Agency dedicated 100% to working with Recruitment Agencies

Want to work with us? Contact [email protected] for an initial call.

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