Workshop Session 5 9. Smartphone Passive Augmentation Workshop Johne Granzow Romain Michon

March 23, 2021

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Workshop Session 5:
9. Smartphone Passive Augmentation by John Granzow* & Romain Michon**
(* University of Michigan – United States, ** Stanford University – United States)
In this 4 hours workshop (2 sessions) we will present Mobile3D, a library for introducing passive musical augmentations to mobile phones. The library allows participants to quickly leverage the parametric features of OpenScad a functional programming language for text based computer assisted drawing (CAD). Several 3D printers will be on hand to materialize designs. The workshop gives participants the tools to customize their smartphones for musical interaction.


Linux Audio Conference 2021 / Conferences, concerts, multimedia installations and more…
May 18 – 21, 2021/ Jean MONNET University, Saint-Etienne – France

For many years the UJM music department and CIEREC have developed teaching, research and production around electronic music and the use of digital technologies for musical and artistic creations. During the last ten years, we can mention the opening in 2021 of a specialized master for Computer Music Producers and in 2021 a new master for Computer Art Producers, the creation of several computer music classrooms, an auditorium, and two recording and mixing studios at the university. The University and the French National Agency for the Research have funded several research projects on DSP technology and on the development of Open-Source software, in partnership with GRAME.

In 2021, we have organized the JIM2021 (French-speaking computer music days) and several other international conferences have already been held during the last decade and have been published. So we have a rich experience in organizing and hosting international events.

Today, it seems to us important to focus on digital practices on free software, especially Open-Source tools that put together communities on common projects.

May 2021 is situated at the end of the semester, and we can therefore have many classrooms, amphitheaters to host the conferences, installations, demos, workshops and concerts.

Audience students (in music, arts, DSP, computer science), musicians, researchers, developers….

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