October 25, 2021

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Think you’ve played Snake? Think again!

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YouTube’s resident hobbit. Pro wrestling fan. The Thunderbastard himself! That’s right, it’s Tiger vs. Games!

From indie game reviews to game jam spotlights, let’s plays to live streams, Tiger vs. Games aims to be THE flagship channel for indie games by bringing indie game developers and gamers together!

So tip your bartenders and your waitresses, support your local indie game devs, and y’all take ‘er easy! It’s Tiger vs. Games!


SWEATER? OK! is a game that tuning the traditional Snake gameplay concept upside down! This time You will mantle the role of the food, running away from the pursuing Snakes.

You take on the role of an apple, collecting stars and running away from snakes! You will be presented with a large randomly-generated level with stars and snake eggs scattered all over.

Your goal is to get as much points on the level as possible and to mark yourself as the bravest apple of all apples who ever stepped on snake’s eggs!


Dynamic game process that will keep you entertained.

Level generator that makes every try unique!

Leaderboards that display the results of players worldwide. Be the best!

First sweater-like Steam game ever.

Simple and intuitive control scheme.

This web seminar introduces to different voice quality source signals and standards used for testing communication devices.

Most voice quality testing metrics are based on system analysis techniques. System analysis is the process of introducing a known excitation signal in to a device and measuring its response. By knowing the input excitation and the output response, one can characterize the behavior of the device in an accurate and repeatable way. With that in mind, the source signal used for testing is critical and needs to provide the appropriate level, frequency, and time content.

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