Your PS4 Games Are In Sony’s Hands | The PS4 CBOMB Explained HM

November 21, 2021

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Your Playstation 4 Digital and Physical Games are not safe from the CBOMB.

Did you know there’s a Digital Rights Management implementation in every existing PS3 and PS4? Your access to your software hinges on an internal clock. Did you know this problem affects users with unmodified (Official Firmware) PlayStations?

00:00 Introduction
03:45 Do you have any proof of the PS4 CBOMB blocking digital and physical games?
05:30 What do I need to disassemble my PS4?
06:08 How CMOS replacement should be.
06:56 Video evidence of the CBOMB blocking games on PS4.
09:20 Why are you concerned with a theoretical DRM issue?
11:25 Who discovered the PS4 CBOMB and why does it happen?
13:05 Could you be wrong about the CBOMB?
15:10 Could changing the CMOS battery fix this forever?
15:42 Can you prove the CBOMB exists on the PS5?
16:23 How will Sony address the CBOMB issues?
17:20 Is it legal for Sony to block your access to you Playstation Purchases?
21:03 Can Homebrew/Jailbreaking fix the CBOMB issue on PS4?
21:50 Should I still buy these legacy games before they’re gone?
23:02 Does Sony know about the PS4 CBOMB?
23:45 Should I test for the CBOMB on my own console?
24:23 Why don’t you get a PC and Emulate these games?
25:14 What backwards compatibility solution is Sony working on?
25:32 Closing Remarks & Shout Outs!




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